October 6-7, 2017
Quail Hollow Resort
Painesville, Ohio
2017 Schedule

One Hot Pepper - Fairly Tame


Presented by: Otter

Doodles and giggles, boobies and sketches... enjoy a playful, relaxed drawing session with Otter. He'll tease out your creativity with his mangled humor and tantalizing models!

Art Workshop

Sensual Zentai Experience

Presented by: Lacey Zentai

Zentai can mean different things to different people.   For some, it is simply a skin-tight garment that covers the entire body like you would see at a Comic-Con or sporting event. To Lacey, it is more about a zentai fetish that centers on sensual touching while wearing the skin-tight spandex suit.  Bringing zentai into the bedroom can enhance your other fetishes, or it can help you and your partner bring the focus back to connecting through sensual - but not necessarily sexual - touch.  

Lacey's unique zentai demo uses her specially designed fabric clamshell apparatus to enable participants to get a relaxing (standing) massage... all while being completely covered just like in a zentai suit.  Interested Sensuosity participants may be invited to try on a zentai suit at some point in the demo, and information will be given on how to find a suit of your own! For more information, photos, and zentai stories visit Slink on Facebook

Sex Workshop

Best of CineKink Film Festival

Presented by: CineKink Film Festival

The award-winning selections in this sex-positive and kink-friendly showcase range from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, mildy spicy to quite explicit and everything in between! Program includes:

Best Musical Short: FOLSOM STREET / Aron Kantor
A kink and fetish-fueled dance explosion in celebration of the Folsom Street Fair.

Best Animated Short: TABOOK / Dario van Vree
While browsing the bookstore, Gwen is unexpectedly drawn to a volume of kinky erotica.

Best Comedy Short: LIKE TOTALLY HOT COUPLE SEEKING SAME / Marcel Simoneau & Kirsten Russell
Isabelle and Jean Luc are a normal, uptight, Parisian couple in search of a way to spice up their marriage. So they travel to the one place in the world known for its debauchery... Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Honorable Best Mention: TRINITY / Ms. Naughty
"Sometimes in a relationship you need to shake things up a bit.?

Honorable Best Mention: THE HUTONG VIBE /  Fan Popo
Two women meet in a B&B along a hutong, or alley, in Beijing. One of them acts unfriendly and bashful, the other is bold and flirty. What will happen when they get closer and closer? Part performance, part documentary, and purportedly the first feminist porn out of China.

Best Dramatic Short: THE EROTIC DREAMS OF THE CHELSEA HOTEL / Tony Notarberardino & Cassandra Rosebeetle
A sumptuous and erotic journey in the legendary Chelsea Hotel unfolds, as a mysterious woman is led by a voyeuristic man through a series of sexual experiences involving several eccentric characters.

Art Workshop

Burlesque 101

Presented by: Bella La Blanc

How to spice things up in the bedroom with a bit of classic strip tease. Also a bit of burlesque history as well. This class will help show you how to strut, pose, and move whether it is for yourself or your partner(s). Are you ready to channel your inner god/goddess? Please wear comfortable clothes for movement and high heels (not required) that you can dance in.

Dance Workshop

Chair Dance and Prop Play

Presented by: Bella La Blanc

This class will show you the beginning stages of bringing a prop into your bedroom routine, as well as some basic chair dance movements. There will be a small warm-up before we head to the chairs. So please wear comfortable clothes to move in (yoga pants, leggings, tights). Attendees please feel free to bring whatever "prop" you wish to use for your class.

Dance Workshop

Two Hot Peppers - Heating Up!

Swinging 101

Presented by: De and Ray of Club Euphoria

So you've decided to dip a few body parts into the swinging lifestyle! You're the newbie and you don't know where to start - or are you a veteran and you seem to be in a rut? Let us lend a hand in helping you navigate the lifestyle with the do's and don'ts. Or... what is the best way to start or continue down the right path to being a successful, educated, respectful swinger.

Sex Workshop

BDSM 101: Releasing the Beast and Being OK With It

Presented by: BeastD of OhioSMART

Getting into the BDSM lifestyle is a journey of self-discovery that leads us to places we were not aware of, or thought we would go. Often, we will end up conflicted with ingrained responses that our desires may contradict. It’s important to explore these responses and learn to still maintain safety while doing so. Want to try that fascinating kinky thing you saw in a movie one time? Seen a picture on the internet that really got your blood pumping, but are unsure how to pursue it? Learn the where and how to beginning your journey while enjoying the fun times you are seeking.

BDSM Workshop

Losing it...

Presented by: Ms. Brenda and Arcane

... and putting it together again.  Every relationship has some sort of ending.  The ending of a lifestyle relationship often presents peculiar problems, because our vanilla friends just don’t understand.  Be it loss of a spouse, divorce, breaking up or just a parting of the ways.  In this moderated open forum discussion we want to examine dealing with grief, and how to get going again.  We encourage sharing stories and experiences.

Sex Workshop

Queen takes Knight

Presented by: Ms. Brenda and Arcane

The pornography and erotica industry frequently depicts submissive men as inferior specimens of masculinity.  Often this stereotype is supported by our perceptions of gender based cultural expectations.  We are going to examine some aspects of the female dominant and male submissive dynamic, primarily because that is the dynamic we live.  However the concepts are not gender specific, as you will see.  The goal is to find alternatives which celebrate submission.

BDSM Workshop

Viva la Vulva! Anatomy, Arousal, and Pleasure

Presented by: Laura Bogush

Enhance your pussy power! Whether you’re a vulva owner or lover, this workshop will help you unlock the mysteries of female genitalia and orgasm. Discover the beauty and diversity of vulvas with drawings and photos, then learn about female sexual anatomy and how it works. We’ll explore pleasure points and orgasm techniques for masturbation and partner sex. You’ll leave this workshop with a new appreciation and understanding of the incredible female sex organ. Viva la vulva!

Sex Workshop

Intro to Hypnosis

Presented by: Ulthari

Have you wondered what's real and what's myth about hypnosis and hypnokink? Come join us to learn the basics of erotic hypnosis. Learn what it is to hypnotize and be hypnotized. Discover the many ways hypnosis can be used in erotic play and power exchange dynamics. We will cover all the basics, including a brief scientific overview of hypnosis and hypnoplay safety, including PTSD and mental health considerations. Due to the amount of material and time limits, the presenter will hand
out contact information for post-class Q&A.

BDSM Workshop

Three Hot Peppers - Smokin' Hot!

Face Slapping: Using an Insult to Control

Presented by: BeastD of OhioSMART

Many consider this simple act off-limits in a scene. What is it about a slap to the face that immediately grabs our attention, even if we’re not the one getting slapped? Explore the nature of this insult to our senses and understand how to use its degradational nature to be able to control the flow of a scene, and elicit an immediate change in pace and head-space. We will also explore the safe ways to slap to avoid bruising and the dreaded ear clap.

BDSM Workshop

Piercing Demos

Presented by: David Carpenter of Broadway Tattoo and Piercing

David will be demonstrating how to safely pierce in many ways and styles, including calf laces and corsets. He will also demonstrate how to do dermal implants.

Art Workshop

Sybian Rides for Ladies

Presented by: Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura

A Sybian is powerful sex toy designed to bring a woman sensual pleasure.  It consists of a saddle-like seat with a powerful motor inside that provides both vibration and rotation.  A diverse selection of attachments, from flat tops to a variety of insertables, enables each woman to choose how to experience this amazing machine. Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura help you choose the attachment, set up the machine, and give instruction on proper use. After the ride, they sanitize the equipment for the next rider.  Here's your chance to take a ride! Times will be listed on the master schedule, and/or by appointment.

Sex Workshop